Jan 25, 2008

Thank You Master 26/11/1991 - A radio show exactly 17 years ago

Thank You Master was the radio show of Christos Daskalopoulos, one of the best radio producers in Greece. C.Daskalopoulos started his career in the Greek National radio in 1983 with a weekly show entitled "The History and Characteristics of Contemporary Rock". Under this academic title, for 6 years, he presented to the greek audience (i.e. those who cared) the best releases of postpunk, alternative, garage etc of the 80s from all over the world. In 1989, with the blossom of the "free radio" (i.e. not under government control) he started his shows in "Channel 15", one of the first free radio stations and later on in "Rock FM", the best ever Greek radio station for uneasy listeners. In "Thank You Master" (started as a weekly show- every Saturday- and continued as a Monday to Friday 2-hour thing), he had the chance to unfold his vast field of music interests, and cover almost everything was happening musically at the time (I'm always refering to "alternative/indie/underground/etc" music). It was the "audible bible" of any "new rock" music listener. "Thank You Master" lasted-in this form or other- until 1994 and after that C.Daskalopoulos, more or less, stayed away from the airwaves, until recently.
This show from 26.1.1991 is from the once-a-week period of "Thank You Master". It contains a bit more of US bands than usual, due to many then-recent US releases, but it's a typical TYM: very strong selections and detailed information on each track (including format and label!), a mini contest for tickets for a show (among the winners there was always a girl!).

This is taped from FM broadcast with decent equipment, not perfect though. At around 0:49 (just before the MaryChain track) there's a harsh fade-out - this is where I had to turn the cassette over. The last track is missing - obviously the tape has ended.
Here's the tracklist (well it's really just my notes from listening back then -I've never bothered to fill the missing track titles-sorry) to get an idea what was this all about. The intro of the show was Camber Van Beethoven's "ZZTop Goes To Egypt" if anyone's wondering. 

Thank You Master from 26.1.1991 (1h:35min)

CHEMISTRY SET-??? (Wake Up Sometime LP)
BEAT HAPPENING- Red Head Walking (7",Sub Pop,90)
CHUCK PROPHET-Scarecrow (Brother Aldo LP)
SACRED MIRACLE CAVE-??(Liquid In Me 12")
CLAWHAMMER-Final Solution (2X7")
CLAWHAMMER-Pumping My Heart(2X7")
DRAMARAMA-Pumping My Heart (2nd LP)
NAKED RAYGUN-??? (Raygun LP)
JESUS & MARY CHAIN-Tower of Song
TEENAGE FAN CLUB-Everything Flows (7',90)
CUD-??? (Leggy Mambo,90)
CRANES-???(Espero EP)
DANIELLE DAX-King Crack (Blast The Human Flower)
LUNACHEEKS-Baby Sitters On Acid
BLAKE BABIES-??? (Sunburn LP)
EXENE CERVENCA-Coctail Tree (Old Wives Tales)
BOILED IN LEAD-Greenwood Side (Orb LP)
ED KUPEPPER-I'd Rather Be The Devil
DEATH OF SAMANTHA-Mary Queen of Scots (Come All You Faithless)

Here's the links in massmirror: part 1 and part 2

Jan 24, 2008

Lost-In-Tyme again

For those who see the invitation-only thing on blogger, when they try to visit lost-in-tyme.blogspot.com: 
No, Lost-In-Tyme did not went invitation-only. This is just a message from blogger, when the blog administrator forbids the reading of the blog. That's what happened and you will see this message for a few days.

Lost-In-Tyme will not stop at Jan, 15. It will go on. All you need is a little patience.

Jan 23, 2008

Annie lost her pet?

It's really unbelievable: Annie's Animal, one of the most well-informed (musically) and sensitive (politically) blogs is out of business. The reason is not complains or something similar, but the lack of time, but what does it mean? We lost another of the finest.

Jan 22, 2008

The great Mystery

Another piece of sad news is that Mystery Poster seems to quit (the blogland or his blog only?).
Le Mystere knows that I was enjoying his posts from the very start, so he will not be surprised if he sees some of them here, when I manage to make an interesting review about them.
See you soon Mysterioso.

Jan 16, 2008


As you already know Lost-In-Tyme blog(s) are temporarily closed. I'm pretty sure that Lost-In-Tyme will continue. I don't know if this will be on blogger or on another server, but be sure that we won't let these music treasures to vanish.
I wish that we could open 100 blogger accounts and mirror Lost-In-Tyme in 100 blogs, so nobody could close it or even think about it.   Maybe it's not a bad idea after all.

Jan 14, 2008

Please, don't grow old!

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against aging or old people. But when it comes to rock stars...well, I just don't wanna see it happening.

Marianne Faithful was the icon of the "swinging" 60s free girl, her unconventional I-live-my-life-as-I-want attitude was her trademark (and I think still is) and earned her a high position in the mythology of rock.

A couple of weeks ago I saw some photos from "Irina Palm", a 2007 movie she's playing and I was shocked to recognise Marianne in this fat, old lady. No, this is not her image just for the movie character she plays. The fragile Marianne of the 60s, the beautiful, even with her wrinkles, Marianne of the 80s and 90s, is now a granny. Maybe something's wrong with me, but I just don't wanna see her in these pictures: I deliberately cleaned my mind and I searched for her 60s photos. I wish her to live a long and happy life, but my Marianne is in the top left photograph.

Jan 7, 2008

I Love Rock, But I'm Above Rock

In one of my first posts in Lost-In-Tyme, I posted "Songs Hurt Me", the first solo release of Marnie Weber. I had already some resource material (from magazines) but I decided to post my short review of the record, because I thought that an extensive feature on Marnie was beyond the purpose of Lost-In-Tyme. I found out that there are no reviews for this record, just mentions of its existence.
So now it's the time to do it. I've scanned the images, I translated a lengthy article, I even scanned and stiched the cover of the record, because there was no picture of it in the whole web (except the half scan I had posted in LiT and recently in Discogs a scan of some promo photograph which apparently was used for the cover ).
What follows is from a feature on Marnie Weber in the greek magazine "Sound & HiFi" (ΗΧΟΣ & Hi-Fi), July 1990 issue. It was written by Tasos Sakkas and it also contains parts (I assume) from an interview with Marnie. I hope that there was not much lost in translation.
It's summer of 1987 and the Party Boys were recording their 3rd album, titled 'Daddyland'. It was an ideal case of swan song. The end of a story that had started several years back, at the late 70s.Marnie Weber was the bassist of the band. At the same time she had based her whole life on it. She knew that someday this little dream would end, leaving her weak, in the middle of nowhere, but, back then, ten years ago, she wouldn't help but sink deep in this. Music was her life and, in fact she had only left with two choises after Party Boys split: to join another group or to continue as a solo artist.

Although Party Boys had r
eleased three albums, only in their last release they did use the studio as a vital factor in their music, and even then, at a low degree.
Marnie has no recording experience and she had rarely did vocals with the band. With no experience in singing and studio recording, there was very little that a bass player could do.
Being in a bad psychological condition, she managed to gather her strength and she started lessons on singing, recording techniques and sound effects in UCLA and, participating in actors classes, she gained self-confidence. This procedure lasted two years, but in the meantime she started her appearances opening for local groups."I was dressing as a young gheisha with a lot of make-up and I was performing all these stolen narrations on stage with playback. Or I was the old woman thinking of the life she had lived and I was becoming young, throwing my rubber mask and ending as a young starlet playing guitar...
I had already bought an electric guitar along with cheap keyboards, where slowly I started to control the sounds. I became a strange one-person-band.
Contrary to what may people believe, in America there are no serious grants in art. The huge expenditure for defence in the 80s restrict the allowances in young artists with no advertising potential and usually we have the univercities paticipating in students' cheap projects. This creates a state of anxiety and a continuous struggle to survive, where it's very difficult to live from your art and if you want to be serious about art you have no time for a second occupation.
I was lucky because I had the support of groups as the Red Temple Spirits and Shiva Bourlesque who were asking me to open their shows. I did some shows with the musicians dressed as animals or mythical figures, singing birds and monster heads, until I realised that I could make strange surreal musicals with contemporary music, which were uncommon and amusing. I suppose that this way I overcome many problems, by being an art school graduate and a bass player with some potential. But I was still missing the companionship of Party Boys".
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Jan 6, 2008

Family photos part 5

This is my darling Penelope. I loved her then...
I still love her now

Jan 5, 2008


This was my favorite lullaby when I was an infant.

Lately I found this version of the same song

I like them both.

Jan 4, 2008

Family photos part 4

Here is my lovely cousin Diamanda. In this photograph, she's just got out of bed, but she's still beautiful.

Here is my uncle, Don. I haven't heard from him for a long time and I missed him.

Jan 3, 2008

Family photos part 3

These photographs are from a weekend in August 1969 with my family.

Jan 2, 2008

Family photos part 2

          These are my beloved parents, Grace and Robin

And this is my sister, Barbara

Jan 1, 2008

Family photos part 1

This picture was taken in California, somewhere near Los Angeles, around 1910. One of the men pictured here is my great-grandfather. He later returned to Greece.