Apr 24, 2008

Lost In Tyme ready to leave blogger

After the recent incidents, i.e removal of the alternative and soul/funk pages of Lost-In-Tyme from Blogger (even though these blogs have never received complaints) apparently the only chance of survival is to abandon Blogger.
Several friends of LiT suggested Baywords. We tried this new blog service, but it's fairly new and we found that, at this time, has limited capabilities (at least in the formatting part). We also noticed that no one could tell if complaints from people that have no connection with the music posted would lead to removal of posts or even of blog (it is unknown if the Swedish law consider this kind of music posts illegal or if DCMA can act in Sweden).
Some friends proposed that we should move to a dedicated server. This solution has major problems: leaving the financial issue aside, we have to find a server in a country without legislation on internet/copyright, this server had to be fast, secure and stable, which seems an impossible combination. We also had to create the site/blog from scratch and to maintain it ourselves (we had a couple of offers on this, special thanks to Eric!).
We will certainly move Lost-In-Tyme from blogger - we have some places in mind for LiT's new home.
We will keep you informed - please check these blogs: Lost-In-Tyme, Lost-In-Tyme and Lost-In-Tyme for updates.

Apr 14, 2008

Lost In Tyme removed from blogland

If you tried to visit Lost In Tyme (main page) and you found yourself in a blank page titled "balik hafizasi", please change your links to http://lostintymem.blogspot.com. This is the address for Lost In Tyme blog from now on. 
The main page of Lost In Tyme, with over 1200 posts, was removed by Blogger, due to "complaints". 
This blog was made by several music lovers, with a lot of work in every single post, and eventually turned into an online database of unknown/little known music, to let it sink without a trace. 
So, everything is backed-up, nothing is lost and eventually everything will be restored and will be available again. Just be patient.
FYI the other two pages (alternative and soul/funk) are still active.

P.S. You can view the posts here, and use the google cache to view the deleted posts (most of them) even now.